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Febe Von Taylorhof

Active Companion

Febe is a 4 year old intact, female German Shepherd. Febe would excel best in an active companion situation. She has Extreme food drive, and high prey drive, but is studied environmentally. Typically with new people she is slightly reserved, but warms up nicely relatively quick. Febe IS dog aggressive, so she would need to be in the hands of experienced handler, or someone with no other dogs in the house. Febe is kind of a "one person dog" who grows a strong bond with her handler. She has very fast response time to commands and is started in competition style obedience. She is crate trained and settles nicely in the house as long as she has proper exercise and mental stimulation. Febe's dog reactivity is managable on leash and she does fine going to public places. She would be a great companion for walks, hikes, or even a night out around the town!

Febe understands how to: Sit, Down, Place, Heel, Recall, and Out/Drop!

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Febe Von Taylorhof

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