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At The Distracted Dog, we understand that not everyone has the same goal and that not every dog can be trained the same way. This is why we always do an evaluation before any of our programs to make sure that it is the right fit for you and your dog! We take pride in offering different programs to ensure the success of you and your dog! 


Private Lessons are 1 on 1 lessons tailored around your and your dogs goals. Typically lasting 45-60 minutes. We focus on teaching you how to confidently communicate and handle your dog through any and all situations!


We offer 1 on 1 private sessions for protection training as well as meet up weekly as a group!  Our protection training varies from Personal Protection, Sport dogs, and Police K9!


A Board N' Train is a great way to expedite the training process! During a Board N' Train, your dog gets the chance to live with a Professional Dog Trainer 24/7! During their stay we make sure to get in multiple sessions a day to ensure consistent progression. Once their stay is over we teach you how to "catch up" to your dog and cohesively mesh them back into your everyday life!


Competition Obedience can be 1 on 1 lessons where we can deep dive into your handling and the dogs emotions and drives while working. We also meet up weekly as a group for extra consistent hands - on repetitions! 


Group classes are structured lessons helping you learn how to manage your dog around other dogs and people! We offer a variety of classes varying from Intro to Obedience and Manners all the way to classes that can earn you and your dog titles such as the CGC!

Classes are a great place to come for continued training once you've completed a different program to keep you handling polished up!


A service we offer for all current and previous clients! Once your part of our pack you're always welcome back!

We also do boarding for new clients but an evaluation MUST be done before scheduling!

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Board and Train - Before and After

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